Branding & Design

Great branding incorporates great design, but great design doesn’t make a great brand.


Before starting our work, we carefully examine our client’s business needs and expectations. We study the market and the competition, and aim to reach a clear understanding of the project at hand. From there, we start analysing and fine-tuning the client’s brief to determine the best way to move forward.

Each project begins with a systematic research process from which we gather valuable data and information that serve as the foundation and guidelines for the creation of the brand’s visual identity and applications.

We work together with our clients to reach a common vision and a unified roadmap before initiating the following phases of the project.

The design expression is the sum of all the gathered information, research and analysis. We follow a structured and thoughtful design approach to consolidate the strategy and obtain the best output for our clients.

The design process includes the naming, the creation of the visual identity of the brand as well as the brand expression and brand elements that complete the logo to form a consistent and extensive brand experience.

This phase expands onto a set of palettes including colours and typefaces. We develop the brand into all kinds of deliverables including corporate identity, environmental branding, retail design, product development, packaging design and web design.

We know that most companies and clients do not have in-depth web design backgrounds. That’s why each project is assigned a dedicated Designer Project Manager who acts as their own subject matter expert: advising them along the way, pointing out web best practices and ensuring that the ultimate web design is simultaneously on trend and able to grow with you into the future.