Product design and branding.

Cutting Edge


Our brief was to rebrand Cutting Edge’s existing logo and packaging with a fresh and modern look that inspires positivity.  Hence our choice of bright and lively colour, and our logo design featuring a natural element; the icon represents a rooted leaf.

The visual identity that we developed reflects the warm personality and the customer-oriented approach of the natural living, as well as its soothing and encouraging attitude.

design stage

We develop brand identities derived and informed by strategy. From logo creation through to full visual identity systems. Taking a comprehensive approach ensures the usability and amenity of what is created reflects the brand and its positioning, whilst also being applicable for use in real world applications.

Key design services include:

  • Logo development
  • Visual identity systems
  • Brand guidelines and brand management
  • Collateral production and rollout

importance of the custom company logo design

Believe it or not, a good logo can go a long way toward the success or failure of your business.  People are very visually oriented by nature and are naturally drawn to visual cues and symbols.  Your logo will be what allows your business to communicate to potential clients.  It is your opportunity to make your first impression on them, for better or for worse.  This logo will become a part of your company’s image and identity, so it is important that the logo not only be of high quality, but that it also is unique.

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