Audio mnemonics are an important part of your business’ overall identity! Think of it as branding for your ears, an audio logo, an acoustic fingerprint that people will hear and instantly recognize. It’s one more way to differentiate your company and stimulate your customer’s memory bank each time they hear your audio signature.

Every brand has a voice, therefore every brand has a sound. Audio logos create deeper engagement through leveraging our most innate sense and reinforcing a connection with a brand through another channel.

The brand identity is built on abstract attributes and associations, which a company wants to convey and stand out with. The rise of online streaming and new audio-first mediums are now pushing brands to expand their territory into the realm of sound by creating their own audio branding guidelines.

Studies are showing that sound has an uncanny ability to humanize and unify brands’ presence in today’s many touchpoints. Music and voice that are aligned with the brand persona generate more favorable responses and increase memorability.

Brands that use music that is ALIGNED WITH THE BRAND IDENTITY are 96% MORE LIKELY to be REMEMBERED by the consumer, than the brands that use ‘unfit’ music or no music at all.

Leicester University (2008)

Bring consistency to your brand experience across all marketing platforms.

Our proprietary solution for creating and qualifying branded sonic assets reinforces the emotional bonds between brands and their consumers in today’s increasingly connected and voice-activated world.


Audio branding is often overlooked by brands, but with consumers continually bombarded with visual messages, it presents a real opportunity to cut through.

Sound statistics:

Music is a valuable addition to a marketing strategy because it appeals to a consumer like no other medium. It’s powerful, memorable and establishes a real emotional connection with an audience.
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of consumers believe music used in marketing is more memorable than visuals
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believe businesses sound more professional with an exclusively composed track
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say music helps them forge a stronger emotional connection with a brand


Brand theme

Your brand theme acts as a sonic guide. It is the overarching musical work that speaks to each of your brand’s character attributes. Your brand theme becomes the blueprint for all future sonic works.

Environmental experiences

We create strategies that help guide positive consumer behaviors while minimizing the negative ones; strengthening the brand /consumer bond with a curated sonic experience.

Product sound FX

Product sounds relate directly to the experience your consumer has with your product.We ensure that the sounds crafted for products are qualified to convey the right message with the right emotion. Branded product sound effects not only enhance the user experience they introduce new, ownable and iconic sounds.

Brand mnemonic

A brand mnemonic is derived from the brand theme and serves to raise brand awareness using a short audio logo. This short phrase is flexible, ownable and can be used in most any sonic work created.

Branded music

We develop an original selection of ownable music created exclusively for your brand. This provides content creators with the flexibility needed to reinforce your brand sonically across all marketing platforms. It’s your “album”, play it where you want.

Voice guidelines

Voice guidelines are a set of standards that define the qualities of voice talent procured for the brand. They can be used to set the tone of voice and style of speaking in voiceover casting, call center scripts, retail training and more.